Bartender girl. English B1. Italy

Контактное лицо: Mykhailo
Страна: Италия
Для связи : +380636825309 Михаил
Job Description: BAR ATTENDANT/
We run an open-air sports centre with pizzeria and outdoor pool in Sicily, Italy. We are looking for a bar attendant and waiter at the bar and pizzeria in the pool area. Lovely, tranquil setting in centralSicily. Close to historicvillageofMineo. Required from 15 June until 10 September 2019.
Flight tickets from and to Catania refunded, accommodation and food supplied.
Salary Euro 700.00 net per month plus bonus (from 0 to30% of the salary)
During the day you will be guaranteed to enjoy the fabulous sunshine and get to explore Sicily! KNOWLEDGE OF ITALIAN NOT ESSENTIAL BUT HELPFUL – ENGLISH NECESSARY
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